Identity Verification

This is an example of the identity verification process.

You must integrate Finvera OAuth to your app and display the Sign in with Finvera button.


Your user enters an email address and clicks Next to proceed.

3582 3582

The user receives the sign-in email and clicks the Sign in button to initiate the secure sign-up process.


The user provides a mobile number to start the verification and clicks the Send me a verification code.


The user receives a SMS message with a code and enters it to continue the process.


The user enters the last 4 digits of the user's SSN and clicks the Finish verification.


The user verifies the details on the Final Review screen and chose the Firm and Institutional Investor.


The user navigates to the consent screen where he should read and click the Allow Access to Gainfully finish the process.


Now, the user is all set to log in to your application.



You can refer to the "Accessing Data" section on Finvera OAuth to access the user data including the verification status.